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Adoring Sasha Rhett's Fall Collection

While sadly, August signifies the conclusion of summer, there are some joys I get out of month eight.  Namely, the fall collections that come pouring out like ants at a picnic!  One we're suprisingly excited about?  Sasha Rhett's Toile Collection for Fall 2011 - a surprise because, well, I'm not a watch person.  Who needs a watch when your fingers are glued to your cell the entire day?  So maybe I don't "need" one, but the Gold Round Watch with Double Wrap Strap in Orange Toile certainly makes me want one!  Orange is so of-the-moment and the gold face and double strap make this is perfect option for every day.  The entire collection (between $199 and $249) is available at SashaRhett.com.

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