Pick Up Your Copy of Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes Today!

CoverJust in case your calendar isn’t marked, July is National Ice Cream Month!!!  And what better way to prepare than with Adam Reid’s Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes out today!  The book of 100 “Thick and Creamy Shakes You Can Make at Home,” is full of both the common and uncommon in terms of ingredients – herbs and spices, jams and preserves, tangy cultured dairy products, nuts and seeds, summer produce, and for those of you really wanting to enjoy your shakes – a little booze!  And if you watching you’re counting calories this summer, there is an entire chapter devoted to lower-fat, frosty and refreshing treats such as fruit liquados and batidos, agua frescas, and yogurt-based lassis.

Need some tips to create the perfect shake?   Reid, a columnist for the Sunday Boston Globe Magazine and regular guest on America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen offers these hints to assure your success:

  • If you’re making a batido or liquado that calls for ice, blend or crush the cubes first, before adding the other ingredients (your confections will be smoother that way).
  • The ingredient order is muy importante – liquids and flavorings go in first (including those of the viscous and solid form like honey and fruit), blend, THEN add then add the ice cream or sorbet, which always goes in last.
  • Start mixing by pulsing the blender, which begins to break down the volume of ice cream and sorbet.  Take the time while mixing to stop blending, remove the lid and mash the ice cream down into the jar to pop air pockets that form and break the surface tension between the ice cream and the walls of the blender jar.  Once you’ve added all ingredients continue blending until the mixture moves freely.  The longer you blend the thinner the shake becomes!
  • Soften the ice cream!  Reid lets his containers sit on the counter for about 12 minutes prior to blending. 

Check out these two amazing recipes from the book: Malted Caramel Shake and Honeydew-Cucumber Shake with Cucumber Granita!