Breaking Ruts – New Recipes, Adventures and Mixing the Unexpected

I hate being in a rut. Whether it’s what I’m cooking, where I’m going, or of course what I’m wearing, from time-to-time, I’m there. Stuck. Eating the same food, going to the same places, or wearing the same things. For the past month, I’ve been rutting it up and a couple of weeks ago I decided I need to break the cycle. I’ve been determined to cook at least one new recipe each week. This week’s recipe was a chicken white chili that actually was not that good. But hey, I tried:) Last week I went to The Tie Bar grand opening private party and got to meet Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and just like that, my social rut was kaput. When it comes to clothing however, unless your budget allows for a shopping excursion, wardrobe ruts can be the worst. I’ve found one of the easiest ways to break them is to pair pieces together that you typically wouldn’t. It keeps your older items fresh and feeling new, despite their age. Each piece I’m wearing below is at least a year old (I think I’ve had that skirt for four years), yet I’ve never worn any of them together, nor have even considered it.

Easy Fall Outfit


Chunky Chain and Pearly Necklace, Favery Necklace

Edgy Fall Outfit

How to Layer Bracelets

Skirt and Sweater for Fall

Fall Moto Boots

Floral Skirt and Sweater

This bag is one of my favorites…the older it gets, the more tattered it looks and I kind of love it like that! The clothing and shoes are all older but here are the links to the other items and similar suggestions:

Express SweaterTarget SkirtSteadfast Stride Booties coming soon to ModCloth! ♥ Nine West Clutch (nothing like mine above, but would look cute with a variety of outfits) ♥ Favery NecklaceWhat Time? Watch c/o RakaniFavery Lasso Hoop Bracelet

Besides shopping, how do you break your wardrobe ruts?


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