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Too Happy Tuesday: 5 Things

5 Things to Make you smile Today

It’s been a little while since my last Too Happy Tuesday post. I’m happy to be back and sharing a few of my favorites with you below:)

  1. Allow me to introduce you to Lil’ Pete, my handsome little cat. He’s been in rare form lately…begging to go outside, growling at dogs (and their owners) that walk by and making sure he allows plenty of time to get his Vitamin D – he loves laying in the sun! If you don’t have a pet and can afford one, I highly recommend it:)
  2. These shelves from Menards. I got three forever ago and am making it my duty to install them this week. I’ve got one up and can’t wait for my next two!
  3. This app for running. Do you have Runkeeper yet? The free app also has several free programs (others are paid for); I’m currently doing the Running 4 Fat Loss and love it! In 2.5 weeks I’ve taken a minute off my PR and am already running over 5 miles (I started at about 2-3 miles).
  4. Graham Crackers and Cream Cheese frosting. OMGoodness. I’ve been snacking on this for years and continue to love it. I think I actually lived off of this combo for a week or so in college. Now, it’s just a special treat. Or dessert. And P.S., don’t buy it when you’re PMS’ing. You’ll hate yourself for not being able to stop eating it.
  5. Infused water. I’m on a kick. I’m currently into a citrus infusion – a couple of orange slices, lemon slices and lime slices in a glass with water, chilled. Well, it’s perfect as a treat, post-run drink and cute little beverage when entertaining guests.

What are you loving this week?


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