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4 of My Favorite Wedding Dresses!

I was chatting with some friends a couple of days ago, and the topic of brides and dresses came up. Some of us were married, some not, but one thing was certain, we ALL had strong opinions on the wedding day big-deal…the dress! Most of the ladies in our little group thought traditional was still the way to go…some of us (i.e, me:) ) cringed at the thought of setting foot in anything too traditional. Don’t get me wrong, if those options are right for the bride wearing them, I’m all for them. Clearly, as if my choosing to be single isn’t a big enough clue, those traditional-type dresses just aren’t right for me. I did find some stunners that even I might consider however below, at Promtimes.co.uk:

A Line Scoop Sleeveless Court Train White Tulle Wedding Dress

Scoop Sleeveless Dress ($154): I would wear this for the back alone! One of my wedding dress requirements: backless (but this cutout would work just as well)! It’s so soft and romantic minus the fru-fru details that personally, aren’t for me.


Sleeveless Floor Length White Tulle Wedding Dress

Lace and Tulle Floor Length Gown ($154): Not surprising, I’m drawn to dramatic, form-fitting gowns. The one thing I love about this, that I know others would hate…I absolutely adore high necklines! I’m sure it’s because they appear to lengthen my 5’3” self, but regardless, the above would definitely be an option for me!


Off the Shoulder Half Sleeve Short Mini Tulle Wedding Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Half-Sleeve Mini-Dress ($154): I’m not sure if I would walk down the aisle in this beauty, but I would definitely wear it at the rehearsal or even as a reception dress. The bare shoulders and half sleeves have me smitten:) Surprisingly, this one has a bow (remember, my anti-traditional details?). I guess with certain dressses, even I can handle a bit of tradition!


Chic Inexpensive White Wedding Gown

A-line Scoop Sleeveless Train White Chiffon Wedding Dress ($154): This is so chic and and just plain stunning! Who needs a full skirt, veil and beading from head to toe with this simple silhouette and cute and detailing?


Apparently I’m not having any trouble picking out potential dresses…if only the potential man wasn’t so elusive!

Happy Thursday all – cheers to the (almost) weekend!



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