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16 Free Things to Do Next Weekend

My friends and I recently came to a conclusion: we all need to start saving for Christmas (or other events, or a new pair of boots (2nd parenthesis to insert obvious sarcasm about none of us having an adequate number of boots), home repairs, etc.). Coming to the conclusion was of course easy, but saving becomes hard when it means giving something up. For me, an easy area to let go of is my social life, especially this time of year. I’m constantly busy with practices or games, so although I might be making an effort to spend less on dinners, drinks or coffee, I never really feel like I’m missing out on anything. And honestly, sometimes I just need time away from people. I love them, but I’m ok with an afternoon or evening alone. If you’re also pinching pennies, I’ve come up with a few great ideas, to do alone or with friends/family, none of which cost a thing (with the exception of food preparation)! Yay for free things to do!!!

16 Free Things to Do Next Weekend

  1. Go for a walk! I’m always amazed when I go for a walk with a friend how much fun I have.
  2. Which leads me to number two, exercise! Bored? Find a free workout online or On Demand, go for a run, stretch.
  3. Papasquat in the park! If it’s cold make some hot chocolate, if it’s nice, pack a picnic. Whenever I head to the park with friends, I ask myself why I don’t take advantage of the space more often.
  4. Volunteer.
  5. Go to the Library. Get a card. Check out a book.
  6. You know that new pumpkin-whatever you’ve been dying to make? Do it.
  7. And then, have your friends over for coffee. Eat the whole pumpkin-whatever and just sip coffee.
  8. Clean a closet. Ok, I know that can’t rank high on anyone’s list, but it’s the kind of stuff we always put off because we’re too busy doing other things. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself about your lack of funds, get yourself caught up in other areas!
  9. Be a Tourist (in your own town)! I have things right here that I know are completely free (museums, historic places, etc.) and I’ve never taken advantage of them. I’m sure your town or city does too.
  10. Along those lines, use the app Fieldtrip. Not only will it show you museums, but historic locations, and really anything of note. Plan a short little day road trip to a nearby town and literally, just see what you find! Pack sandwiches and snacks and I am certain, you’ll be well entertained.
  11. Invite your friends over for drinks…and a puzzle!
  12. Invite your friends over for popcorn…and cards!
  13. Have a jewelry (or bag) swap. Invite your girlfriends over with the instructions that they must each bring a piece of jewelry to “swap” with a friend. It’s usually easiest to draw names and agree to meet two weeks later (or month, whatever) to return the items.
  14. Remember movie night? Have one! Loungewear required and of course make popcorn (learn how to make the real stuff in a pan on the stove…so much tastier and cheaper than microwave)!
  15. Play a “live” game. Live Clue or scavenger hunts will keep you laughing for hours!
  16. Host a potluck. Depending on the season, post-dinner entertainment could include carving pumpkins, a midnight snowball fight, (that actually sounds like SO much fun!), etc.

Hope you angel are having an amazing weekend and I want to know…what are the free weekend activities you most enjoy?


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