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Rock ‘N Roll and Diamonds

You know something I love? Walking into a room and grabbing my own attention. Sounds a bit ridiculous right, but go with me for a minute. Like many of you, I LOVE fashion. I love shopping (not spending, just shopping). And I love getting dressed in pieces I actually do love. I’m completely fine with the fact that not everyone likes everything I wear all the time. If I like it, it’s cool. I see people all the time who haven’t grasped that principal. They dress for their family, their men, their jobs, etc., and they end up buying pieces that may fit (and they may look great in), but they don’t actually enjoy dressing in. Insert sad emoji. I say, if it’s appropriate (you know, no crop tops in church), and you feel great in it, wear it, love it and dig it. And when you get a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, give yourself a “Daannnng, I did good!” Maybe just in your head…or to your most beloved friend, but I promise, it’s completely fine to actually like your outfit.

Ok, so you guys, I’d never consider myself a traditional “diamond” girl, unless I’m wearing them in completely non-traditional way. Like classic diamond hoop earrings with a baseball tee and moto-boots, lol. That works for me! With Christmas approaching, if jewelry is sitting atop your list, send your shopper (or yourself) to Anjolee. Their pieces are beautiful, versatile and you will love donning them day or night. Check out my Essential Hoop Earrings below and let me know what you think…I get so excited reading your comments:)

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Get the Look:

Ralph Lauren Tee, SimilarJeansBootsBag │ Hoop Earrings, c/o Anjolee


Rumor has it somewhere between Friday and Sunday, there’s a day. Supposedly, it’s 24 hours, just like the rest of them, only it goes quicker. So quick, in fact, it’s gone before you know it…siiiiiigh. Is it just me, or does this seem beyond true? Every. Single. Saturday. Whyyyy (I’m saying that in my whiniest I-don’t-want-to-work-Monday-voice)? Hope your weeks are off to a great start, and hey, we are one day closer to Saturday:)


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