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Weekend Ready with JUS by Julie

You guys, this has been such a crazy week – in between a computer melt-down, a car melt-down and trying to balance practice, the blog and work, I am more than ready for the weekend…even if it’s a cold one! One way I know I can feel balanced and put-back-together after weeks like this is by taking the time to eat properly. An easy way to make sure that happens is with a juice cleanse.  I was given the opportunity this past weekend to try some of the yummy nutritious flavors from JUS by Julie, all of which are made fresh daily using only pure and raw ingredients. Helping to rid our little bodies of impurities, each juice or “Booster Shot,” is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients to keep us fueled throughout the day. JUS by Julie has SO many ways to feel great…whether doing a full-on 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse, Juice ‘Till Dinner option, or even opting for individual bottles to work into your nutrition plan, these full-of-flavor juices are ideal for busy lifestyles or anyone needing a bit of a recharge.

Of the 5 juices I was able to try, I have two favorites: Spicy Pomegranate and X-Treme Greens. Spicy + pomegranate didn’t seem like a great combination, but, OMGoodness…I loved this mix, which aside from a bit of cayenne pepper and pomegranate, also included lemon and maple syrup. The X-Treme Green blend is full of flavor and includes hemp seeds, spinach, kale, orange, lime and pineapple. I “juiced” until dinner and was AMAZED by how good I felt; I was also expecting to be hungry all the live-long day. Didn’t happen. I felt satisfied and mentally prepared and motivated for the week ahead.

Don’t forget your Boosters! JUS by Julie also includes cute little shots of juices offering healing, immunity, energy and cleansing benefits as well – perfect alone or to add to your favorite juice, water or even tea.

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Get the Look:

Lauren Conrad Blazer │ Vest, SimilarJeans │ Shoes, Similar │ Necklace, c/o Mirina Collections (use code 247style20 for 20% off) │ Watch, c/o Rakani │ Bag, Similar Here or Here │ Juices, c/o JUS by Julie


You may remember earlier this week I showcased this necklace with a casual outfit…it’s obviously super easy to dress up as well. I mean, helllloooo…bling, bling! I loved it with this blazer/vest outfit I put together. Although, the wind was so crazy that day…my blazer and hair were out of control!

Hope you all have had a great week – and that you’re as excited as I am for a well-deserved weekend…yay us!



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