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Hey all, welcome to 24-7 Style! I started this blog YEARS and YEARS ago, when I actually knew nothing about blogging. I'd showcase deals or maybe styles I liked and that's about as far as I went. Looking back, I'm not really even sure why I was blogging, which is a pretty sad way to spend time! Since then however, I've developed a much clearer purpose of what I want my blog to deliver to you - affordability. Whether it's with the clothes we wear, or the vacations we take, the majority of us live on a budget. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. And I definitely don't think you need to be donning major labels from head-to-toe to look amazing. I've worked with brands you love, such as Lands' End, Crest, Beauty Box 5 and Tampax.

I hope you all find something you love on my site and maybe some styles ideas of your own. If you're looking for a place to start, try this recent style post - a fall or winter look that can easily be re-created with similar pieces you likely already have in your closet!

And if you're wondering what some of my other interests are, let's see...I love running (not marathons, but somewhere between 4-6 miles a few times a week is SO cathartic!), I'm single, I coach the cheer and dance teams at my college alma-mater, and I seriously have the most amazing family and friends. Oh, and I'm a HUGE animal lover but only one cat, Lil' Pete. 

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