A "Truly" Amazing Experience at True Skin Care Center

In need of a little pampering?  Well Chicagoland (and visitors from near and far), I've got the place for you!

True Skin Care Center, perched atop the 9th floor of The Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue, just might become your new "hot-spot" when craving a little spoiling.  The extensive list of treatments serve up something for everyone with any need, and probably needs you didn't even know you had.  The location is actually a 2-for-1 as the center is actually a part of Dr. Steven Dayan's Advanced Facial and Plastic Surgery Center.

The atmosphere is undeniably spa-like, yet unpretentious, with cush seating and beds, lighting that calms not blinds, and little touches of whimsy, like welcoming Starburst candies in paper cupcake cups.

My session, with esthetician-extraordinaire Terri Wojak (her actual title is Esthetics Director/Educator, and although my description might not be as professional sounding, it is accurate), began with the "traditional" getting-to-know-you-questions - my skin-care regimen and concerns.  My experience however was far from the "traditional" facials I've had in the past.  The types that are "ok" but impersonal...where the estheticians applied what they said they were going to, but left me wondering if I really got anything out of it.

My treatment started with Dermaplaning, something I'd heard of but never had done.  This manual exfoliation treatment is actually done with a scalpel and gently removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz).  I can't quite put into words the exact feeling, but somehow when the scraping ceded, without a single touch I could actually sense my skin was the softest it had probably ever been....and my constant touching afterwords proved that sense accurate.  I couldn't take my hands off me!

A brand new treatment was next on my line-up card, a Stemcell Glycolic Peel, and as Wojak explained, it's very similar to a Glycolic Peel but "infused with stem cells to regenerate new and healthy cells, which gives a rejuvenated appearance and helps fight the signs of aging."  As the process began, Terri was thorough not just in explaining the process, but everything I'd feel - I was struck by her accuracy...the woman knows what she's doing!  The lavender mask and neck and shoulder massage that ensued left me without a care in the world...utter relaxation is the only term to come close to my experience, yet I'm not sure the words give it justice. 

Prices are quite reasonable for the area, ranging from $15 for a lip or chin wax, to $250 for a TCA/Retinol Peel. 

The next time you're shopping on the Magnificent Mile, plan a stop to relax and unwind at True Skin Care Center, a decision you won't regret!