The Scoop on Skin Care's Newest Arrival: Pellevé™

It's a fear all women have that sooner or later becomes reality: wrinkles.  And perhaps just as the carefree attitude of a teenage girl at the mall, they appear out of nowhere, and could care less how we view them. 

It doesn't take a genious to figure out that women aren't gaga over the loss of elasticity and the formation of the those little culprits around our eyes, mouths, and foreheads.  Just look at the skin care aisle at any store these days and it's clear: we want to rid ourselves of or prevent new wrinkles.  Unfortunately, most of those creams aren't miracle-workers.

Luckily there are other, albeit more extreme, methods to reverse the signs of aging - some of which involve needles, surgeries, and other "remedies" that make some of us squirm at their meer thought.

All of that has changed however with the arrival of newly FDA-approved Pellevé™.  This skin tightening procedure safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles sans surgery.  A nice touch for anyone with a phobia to needles.  The procedure is relatively simple: the Pellevé™ system heats deep layers of the skin without damaging the top layer.  The collagen in the skin contracts and tightens and the skin then produces new collagen which improves skin's firmness.

What to Expect: I was fortunate enough to receive a Pellev­é™ treatment from Selika N. Borst, MS, RN at the office of Dr. Steven H. Dayan perched atop The famed Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue, Chicago.  I did notice the skin heating, but not to the point of being uncomfortable, although it's important to note that others have felt some minor discomfort.  While some patients might experience some mild swelling and/or redness, I didn't and was able to walk out the door without a soul being able to tell I'd had anything done.  

If you decide on Pellevé™ you should also know that results are not necessarily immediate but as the new collagen is produced begins that day and can continue for up to six months.  I would also HIGHLY recommend finding a knowledgable administrator such as Selika who carefully explained each aspect of the treatment and accurately predicted exactly what I would be feeling and sensing prior to it actually happening.  

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