Hello Hotness...Lenny Kravitz at BVLGARI's Rome Gala

November 9, 2010 - Francesco Trapani, CEO of the BVLGARI Group, along with Paolo and Nicola Bulgari, Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively, of the BVLGARI Group, hosted a gala in Rome last week that raised more than half a million Euros for Save the Children.

The gala took place at Rome’s Salone delle Fontane, where Grammy-award winner Lenny Kravitz  performed a set of β€œunplugged” hits for numerous international celebrities including Julianne Moore, Rosario Fiorello, Valeria Golino, Isabella Ferrari, Beppe Fiorello, Alessandro Preziosi and many more.

Funds were raised through ticket sales, the sale of a new specially-designed Save the Children ring, and a live auction of exclusive BVLGARI experiences and items. The entire proceeds from the evening - more than a half a million Euros - will be donated to Save the Children for classroom education, art therapy (HEART, Healing and Education Through Art) and teacher training programs in Haiti, the US, China, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda, southern Sudan, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and several countries in southeastern Europe. 

On the occasion of their 125th anniversary, Bulgari made a special commitment to support quality education programs for children in need.  Recognizing that education has the power to transform lives and that access to a quality education is very limited for the 72 million children worldwide of primary school age who are not in school, Bulgari partnered with leading non-profit organization Save the Children.  The partnership is dedicated to improving the quality of education available to the neediest children worldwide.  Since 2008 Bulgari has contributed to support quality education programs for over 10 million children worldwide, including Haiti, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Sudan, and Uganda.  The partnership includes a multi-year commitment from Bulgari.