Fairwell to Mascara, Hello to Lashdip!

That's right, you read that correct!  The one cosmetic women are most likely to never leave the house without, is being replaced by LashDip, "The World's Most Perfect Coat of Mascara."  And perfect it is!  

So what exactly is LashDip?  Think of it as a semi-permanent mascara.  "Dipping" your lashes helps you maintain gorgeous lashes for up to six weeks.  The waterproof formula is applied by a trained professional, leaving your lashes perfectly curled, separated, and clump-free...exactly what we strive for each morning when applying our mascara.   

Making it so revolutionary is the fact that almost anyone is a good candidate for LashDip.  According to co-founder Jessica Harley, "women from their teens into their eighties, those with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, allergy sufferers, those who are sensitive to cosmetics, active sport participants, vacationers/brides, those who tint/perm their lashes, expectant mothers, and those who lack enough vision to apply cosmetics,"can successfully get their lashes "dipped."

The process itself is fairly easy as your professional curls and coats each lash, the entire process only taking about 45 minutes to an hour.  The results are truly amazing!  Imagine waking up and having your lashes looking perfect, ready to go without a thing done!

LashDip essentially "grows out" with your lashes.  Jessica recommends coming back to fill in the space 2-3 weeks after your initial treatment.  Since your "lash cycle" is only about 6 weeks, your dipped lashes eventually fall out making room for new ones.  

Salons are adding the service rapidly, Jessica saying "approximately 15-20 salons per month" are beginning to offer LashDip.   To learn more or to find a salon near you, visit the website, www.LashDip.com.