Are Style Gurus Out of Touch?

I had to chuckle when recently flipping through a magazine's "budget friendly" buys they were lauding.  $200 for a cuff...$156 for a shirt...and the accolades of our First Lady in J. Crew.  Don't get me wrong, I applaud the first lady for sometimes choosing more mainstream options, but in this economy, $158 for a skirt just isn't in the budget for a lot of people.  I'm also reminded of an episode of The Soup from a few weeks ago, in which Oprah couldn't fathom a photographer, who, asking her for gift advice, couldn't afford something for $100.  "You don't have $100?" she questioned incredulously.

Which leads me to believe that "budget" for some people is not the reality of most.  So what's a fashionista to do?  Give up on style because she's been deemed hopeless in the eyes of those in-the-know?  Of course not!  Just steal their ideas and keep your eyes open...great buys are to be had for everyone.  Here are a few tips:

1)  Inexpensive accessories are a quick way to update a look.  Remember, quality doesn't have to be sacrificed!  For instance, if you can't afford (or are opposed to) leather bags, there are both affordable and eco-friendly lines out there that are just as nice as the real thing and not PVC (I'm sorry, I hate plastic looking bags)!  Celebs love Amy Kathryn (right now 24-7 Style has her Snap Dragon Clutch, shown, on sale for under $30)!   

2)  Don't be a "Mart-snob."  The "Marts" of our world have kind of gotten a bad clothing-rap as of late, and while, no, they might not have the biggest and best assortment, they do have some cute, trendier pieces.

3) Take time to "sift through."  TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Burlington Coat Factory have such great pieces and in some instances they really are next to nothing price wise.  While it might require some patience to go through their full racks, that patience really will pay off.

4) Occasionally take time to stop by your local Goodwill. I've found great bags (leather included) for just $3.00! Astonishing!

Instead of giving up on style because you "can't afford it," just get creative and keep your eyes open...great style really is in your budget!