Introduce Yourself to (seed) Healthy Hand Cream!

With all the fun that comes with the winter months, there are some things I hate: the kind of blustery cold that takes your breath away when you open the door; the "crunching" sound the snow makes when walking; the heat bills; and perhaps most annoying, the dry skin!  The dry skin that regardless of what you do seems to get dryer - especially my hands!  I know I don't really wash them any more than I do in warmer months, but it sure feels like it.

With all of that being said I jumped at the chance to try new (seed) Healthy Hand Cream in Invigorating Citrus Blend.  The all natural, affordable cream features a "blend of seed-based ingredients (Grape Seed Oil), rich in antioxidants (Vitamin E), essential fatty acids (linoleic acid), phytosterols (anti-inflammatory), and other skin-healing nutrients to protect your paws."  The Healthy Hand Cream also includes the likes of Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Shea Butter.  The pureness of the ingredients is evident as you slather the rich cream on.  It's the perfect lotion...not watery, not sticky, just fast hydrating and super nourishing...exactly what you're in need of!  And the light citrus scent is amazing!

The best part, it's affordable!  Just $7.99 (seed) Healthy Hand Cream is available at and select Whole Foods and ShopRite locations.  The line also includes Nourishing Body Lotion, Conditioning Hair Shampoo Bar, and Moisturizing Body Soap.

**I received a product sample of (seed) Healthy Hand Cream.