Bliss Spa goes Natural with Pomega5!

Heading to Bliss Spa soon?  Organic lovers will be excited to find that pomegranate-based Pomega5 will be launching at Bliss Spa as their first 100% organic line!  

No one can deny the growing demand for natural based skincare products and Bliss has happily embraced the Pomega5 line which will be gracing the faces of spa-goers at all New York City Bliss Spa locations and the popular Hollywood spa this month.  In addition, the products will be available for purchase on and through the Bliss catalog in March.

Made in small batches for purity purposes, the Pomega5 line is formulated with mega-antioxidant Omega5 (from Pomegranate Seed Oil) and other potent yet gentle organic ingredients, including Blue Green Algae, Orchid Flower Extract and Carrot Seed, to naturally heal skin and fight signs of aging.