Spa Week at Chocolate For Your Body in Chicago!

Work + Traffic + Wind +Limited Funds = a boat-load of stress.  And even if you don’t have to deal with the aforementioned on a daily basis, you’ve still got it!  So what’s a Chi-town girl to do?  Well lovely ladies, it’s time.  Spa Week is upon us (April 11th-17th) and shining its blissful rays of love our way.  That’s right girls, in just over a week you can soak up every bit of de-stressing powers massages, facials, pedicures, etc. have to offer all at a price that can’t be beat: $50!  For all of the details, visit  For my recommendation, keep reading…

What’s not to love about chocolate?  Despite us knowing why we shouldn’t love it, let’s ponder why we should: 

1) it’s tastey
2) it’s a comfort in times of need
3) it does contain antioxidants (a definite health benefit!)
4) it has an innate ability to pamper us with sublime spa treatments

If you raised your eyebrow at that last reason, you’ve obviously not been introduced to the quaint Chocolate for your Body an Aveda Family Salon Spa sitting in Pilsen’s Art District at 1743 S Halsted.  

When the gals at SpaWeek asked if I’d like to try out the Chocolate Decadence Signature Facial and then write about my experience, all for the benefit of you lovely readers, with mouth watering, I jumped at the chance.  I was fortunate to have the amazing Velina Lazarova, master esthetician and nationally certified massage therapist, gently cleanse, exfoliate, and work her ultra-relaxing cocoa beads into my less-than-worthy face in a modern-rustic room with ambiance that felt like it was gently stroking my hand, begging me to relax. 

Technically, the facial a “hydrating and firming, a super-charged, anti-aging facial” which can be customized to any skin type.  I’m not one to mess with technicalities though, so, off-the-record, it was kind of like that first really nice day of spring, the day when you first open your windows and let the breeze blow in.  Or like that first kiss, with a guy you know you could give your heart to.  That amazing, mind-blowing moment that you never want to end…that’s the Chocolate Decadence Signature Facial (actually probably anything you can book with Velina would be like a small bit of sunshine)!

“Relaxed” doesn’t begin to encompass what my body was feeling and I can only say for you hard working women out there needing to pamper yourselves - do it!  Indulge with the gusto you normally reserve for a day of shopping.  Trust me, when I say you will love it!  And if you’re not in the mood for a facial, Chocolate for your Body also has two other treatments for just $50 during SpaWeek: a 75 minute Chocolate Brown Sugar Scrub & No Chip Pedicure with Bio Sculpture® Gel or a 75 Minute Chocolate Signature Pedicure with Organic Dagoba Chocolate and Warm Paraffin Wax!

Visit for a list of participating spas throughout the country, but remember, Spa Week is only happening April 11th-17th!  Happy Spa-ing!