Tried and Loved: Maybelline COLORsensational® Lipstain

As much as I like saying "I'm unique, different and a complete individual," it doesn't always ring true.  I'm a typical girl when it comes to makeup!  I love it.  And since I first dotted Benefit's Benetint on my lips and cheeks, I've also loved lipstain.  With that being said however, Benetint was the only one I had purchased...until yesterday.

I was shopping for for a few food items and somehow wandered to the makeup aisle and right into Maybelline's COLORsensational® section.  Debating on the shades and pondering if I was actuallly considering cheating on my original, I ripped the proverbial band aid and selected the Lipstain in Blushing, a sheer wash of mauve-y pink (shown).  

The result?  Fabulous!  Just a touch darker than I anticipated I'm still thrilled with the look.  And because it is completely different than my Benetint I don't really even feel like I'm cheating.

What you'll love?  

-The marker like applicator makes for precise and easy application.
-The barely there know you have something on, but it's not caked on, it's natural.
-It lasts forever...or at least a good portion of the day!
-Their formula is vitamin-enriched berry nectar.

At just $5, you really can't go wrong!  My favorite way to apply - on dry, clean lips, then dot over with my favorite balm - Smith's Rosebud Salve.  Absolute perfection!