Bye-Bye Fine Lines...I've Got Furlesse!

Are you to that point in your life?  The point when fine wrinkles start to say "hello love, here we are!"  It's annoying isn't it?  And if needles and knives aren't your thing, what's a girl to do?  The answer - Furlesse!  Furlesse is the no-pain, no-needle solution for relaxing the fine lines between your eyes.  

What Are They?

Fan shaped patches, both latex and hypoallergenic free, that fit any forehead.  Simply peel away from the backing and place between the eyes when you're ready for bed.  And of course, easily peel off in the morning.  

The Results?

The results are nothing short of fabulous!  The smoothness you see can last into the afternoon for some people and while they recommend wearing during sleep, for a big event, you can wear for a few hours beforehand.  

The best part is that nothing about your routine needs to change.  Keep your normal cleansing and moisturizing habits in tact, just patch-up before you let the sandman enter.  Perfection!

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Stay lovely!