The Cure for Foul Feet

'Tis the season - cookouts, beaches, and stinky feet.  Unfortunately, we know it's true...the shoes we don't wear socks with will inevitably develop an odor of sorts that will cause us to only take our shoes off when we're alone and out of range of other people's nostrils.  Enter Silver Linings by Chu Shu New York.  The ultra-thin liners won't alter the fit of the shoe, and are infused with Agionยฎ, an anti-microbial silver-based technology preventing bacterial odor in the shoes that we wear sans socks.  Silver is naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, and Agionยฎ is an EPA-registered material.

Nobody wants to be the stinky girl in the room and if that's something you worry about, order a set today!  $15.99 for a set of 3 available at and