Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects™ Nail Polish Strips

A Saturday night with one of your besties who you haven't seen in ages can turn lethal (on the bank account) with just one small trip to the Wal-Green's makeup aisle.  Among other things that at the moment felt like couldn't live without, I left the store with the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects™ Nail Polish Strips.  I admit, I'd been wanting to try the Tiger patterned one since I first saw the ad, but alas, it was sold out so I settled for another interesting pattern, Laced Up.

My experience wasn't necessarily bad, but also not as simple as I expected.  Read on for the details.

What You Get

A small rectangular box containing 16 strips, a cuticle stick, and a mini file/buffer.  While it does say clear-as-day on the box "16 strips," I assumed that for $9.99 I would be getting strips for more than 1 application.  Maybe my cheapness is coming out, but $9.99 seems steep for one at-home nail application.  For that reason alone, I would recommend at least choosing patterned strips.  You can do plain nails with any of your regular polishes.

The Process

It seems easy enough, peel off the stickers and place them on your nail, file off the extra, smooth it out to finish.  It's practically a 3rd grade art project, right?  WRONG!  Here were my issues:

- There wasn't always a strip that was wide enough to fit my nail, and I don't think I have crazy wide nails.  The directions do say to "stretch" the strip to correctly fit your nail, but everytime I tried stretching it, it tore....which leads me to my next negative...

-The strips easily rip or in the event the "best" size is just a little big there's not easy way to trim the excess around your cuticle without the end result looking a bit shoddy.  

With all of the above said, however, I did really like the look of the end result, or at least the Lace Up pattern on my nails.  If you're really looking, you do easily see the mistakes, but is anyone besides me going to look that closely at my nails?  So, despite the price and the imperfections I will most likely try it again, I'll just make sure I have a fun event planned to show them off at.  And I'm hoping it's like riding a bike, that every time I try it the result will be better or I'll learn to properly "stretch" the strips. 

According to Sally Hansen the strips last up to 10 days and are easily removed with your normal nail polish remover.

If you've tried the strips, please share your thoughts and/or tips!

Stay beautiful!