Relief for Post-Sun Skin

Whether you're a sun-bather or not, the liklihood of a sunburn obviously increases during the summer months.  Prepare for the "worst" with Pomega5's Healing Cream, minimizing post-sun damage featuring Pomegranate Seed Oil which reduces redness from burning and promotes cell renewal and regeneration for fried skin cells, to help reverse the damage done.

Created by Pomega 5 founder Tzeira Sofer to comfort her own sensitive skin, Pomega5 Healing Cream is created in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and also contains the following:

- Calendula Oil: an anti-inflammatory agent to heal burns and soothe pain.
- Carrot Seed Oil: maintains skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and firm skin.
- Grape Seed Oil: boosts collagen
- Shea Butter: nourishes and protects

Pomega5 Healing Cream retails for $70 at, and at Bliss Spas in New York and California.