The Squeeze is On: Daily Squeeze All Day Hand and Body Lotion

If you live in the NYC area, you're no doubt familiar with VERVE Medical Aestthetics®, a premier non-surgical cosmetics and anti-aging treatment center.  And now, regardless of your address, you can get in on the fun!  With their recent line of age-defiant beauty products launching on, you're now able to soak up every last benefit of the medical grade skincare line.

First up for review, Verve Daily Squeeze All Day Hand & Body Lotion, which due to a slight obsession with lotion, I was blissfully excited about receiving.  Providing moisture to skin ALL day it also provides relief from itchy or dry skin...especially after being exposed to too much of the three summer "s's" - sun, salt water and sand.  I had been slathering it on for several days when Memorial Day weekend rolled around and I somehow got a burn...I couldn't tell you the last time I had a sunburn and I wisely decided to put the Daily Squeeze to the test. 

Even though I hadn't burned in ages, I do remember trying to soothe my searing skin, or at least keep it mildly hydrated after the fact.  I also remember how the majority of the time, putting lotion on a sunburn is like pouring salt in the proverbial wound.  It's greasy and irritating and you end up peeling anyways.  Not so with Daily Squeeze - it's not the least bit greasy, goes on silky smooth, and now nearly a week after the fact there are no signs of an impending peel!

Daily Squeeze All Day Hand and Body Lotion is just one product in the dry skin line, which also includes Green Tea Anti-Oxidant Moisturizing Lotion and Solar Shield SPF 30 and retails for $15 for an 8 oz. bottle.  The lightly non-annoying scented lotion is best for normal to dry sensitive skin, and, if you're planning on being on the beach or anywhere else in the sun, it gets high recommendations from this girl!

Stay lovely!