Brett Freedman's Beauty Battleship - ESPY Award Additon

Ahhhh, the ESPY Awards.  The only awards show that your husbands or boyfriends gladly will watch with you.  Our favorite celeb makeup artist, Brett Freedman gives us the inside scoop on the look he created for ESPN girl Erin Andrews, as well his beauty hits and misses. 

How to get Erin's look:

Base: Make Up Forever HD. Erin uses a higher SPF on her face than her body. To even it up I chose a shade a touch deeper than her face actually was. Later I added powder bronzer to glow it up a bit more.
Concealer: Laure Mercier Camo. duo.
Powder: Benefit Hello Flawless in Toast.
Bronzer: Elizabeth Arden. I love that it has a mix of golden bronze and pink. Like a real suntan.
Blush: YSL Crème de Blush in Silky Praline. I love using cream blush on sun-kissed skin. Gives nice dewy highlight on the cheekbone.
Shadow: MAC Cork in crease, HoneyLust on lid (I applied wet with a small brush) and Shroom on the brow bone.
Eye Pencil: MAC Teddy. I wanted all of the colors to be bronzy/browns. The only black was her mascara.
Mascara: Benefit They're Real (Black). I curled before and after each coat to get ultimate pop.
Brow: Vanitymark Blondie. I filled in a touch above the brow line then brushed the hairs up to give uber lift to the eyes.  I then applied MAC's Goldmine shadow (wet) to the hairs. Once dry I sealed with Vanitymark brow glaze in Acrylica.
Lip: I combined two shades. LORAC's Multiplex gloss in Intermix and Elizabeth Arden's gloss in Honey Glaze. I like to use a lighter, golden shade over a deeper shade. I use in the center of lip and along lip line to catch light and sex it up a bit.
Body: Vanitymark Shimmerskin. To amp up Erin's fab LA tan (she had gone hiking that day) I sprayed this champagne shimmer spray on all exposed skin to give a dewy, JLo finish.

Kerry Washington. I love how she went against the grain and didn't give obvious sexy. Full front and sleeve, Kerry was all about the leg! She let her eyes bring the sexy. Love the crisp brow that doesn't look too filled in, you can see the hairs. The sign of a really subtle make-up artist. Big fan of the pewter shimmery shadow on her lid. I do that a lot. Gives eyes a nice pop when a gal blinks or looks down. Fab neutral lip. Almost a clear gloss with some shaping with a fleshy lip pencil. Very clean and polished with an edge. Brava Ms. W!

Brooklyn Decker. What's shipshape: Love the simple scarlet leather dress and fab gold heels. What's sinks it: Hair is a little too casual. I'm not a huge fan of the half up and half down look, but this looks a little too 'runnin' errands' for a red carpet. What I would have done: Have all her hair down with a few soft unconstructed waves in different directions to give a modern, bed head vibe. Def no pink lips. I'm glad it wasn't matchy-matchy red, but with those kick ass shoes why not do a very sexy gold gloss? Not terrible...just not a tight ship, styling wise.

Serena Williams. Too much of a good thing. It kinda looks like Serena is dressed up as Beverly Hills Housewife! Too curly square-hair sitting on structured shouldered jacket/dress. A lot going on already, then add a near choker the size of Texas. Yee-Naw! The make-up is gorgeous though. Love the subtly of the brows, shading and sheer pink lips. What I would have suggested: It's very easy, imagine this pink in a strapless dress, the hair can then stay down, but in looser, less 'American Idol' curls. Without a structured shoulder the necklace would work just fine. Too much going on sinks the ship ;-(