Go-Dimple Free with Cures by Avancé Slimming Gel - Your OTC Cellulite Treatment!

It's the heart of summer, and oh how we're loving it!  Ice cream, beaches, backyard barbeques - there's nothing about the dog days that we don't adore.  Ok, well...maybe one thing.  The bathing suits.  I know all the tricks-of-the-trade, what suit to get to flatter your figure, blah blah blah.  BUT, regardless of the style, there's one disappearing act that never takes place.  The cellulite, that without concern of what I eat or how much I run, is always visible!  And it seems between myself and my friends, all of the creams, gels, etc. have been tried to no avail.  Until now.

When asked to give Cures by Avancé Slimming Gel a try and blog about my experience I thought "why not?"  The only thing I could lose was the appearance of my cellulite and even if I was skeptical, that slim bit of hope made it an irrisistable opportunity.

So what exactly is Slimming Gel and what makes it different from other creams and gels on the market?  For one, it contains algae (nature's purifier) which cleanses the body of toxins.  After applying, cellulite is released from within, and a smooth flow of contours begin as the silhouette is redefined.  It increases blood circulation which automatically reduces fluid retention (i.e. this is also a gem for water retention).

It sounds crazy, but for the first time ever, I did see immediate results.  Was it a cure?  No.  But, the appearance of my worst enemy was obviously and continues to be reduced.  

What you'll feel after applying a thin layer to your targeted areas (and you will feel it!) is a warm sensation that varies in intensity from non-existant to intense - not painful or uncomfortable, but definitely noticable.  The variation you may notice is based on the thickness of your skin and regardless of the strength of the feeling, Slimming Gel is still doing it's thing, working it's magic.  After 3-5 minutes gently brush the area and you're done.

Recommended use is twice daily and Slimming Gel retails for $35.