Kick your Wrinkles to the Curb Sans Needles with PEPSTEPx2 Anti-Age System

Remember that first time you looked in the mirror and noticed (gasp) your actual age?  That day you realized that you no longer had the skin of your youth?  That day that you felt somewhat betrayed by life - this wasn't supposed to happen to you after all!

Fortunately, we live in a day when wrinkles, fine lines and sun-spots are actually treatable.  Cosmetic procedures like Botox® have a common place in today's society, but if you're looking for something less invasive, options have been a little bit less than stellar.  Until now...

If Botox® isn't your thing, you'll love PEPSTEPx2 Anti-Age System ($199 for the set), from Verve Medical Cosmetics founder Dr. Stephen Bracci's new line, Firm Commitment.  Allowing yout to tighten skin and diminish fine lines from your own home, this physician strength 2-step formula is packed with everything you need for smooth skin.  I've been on my PEPSTEPx2 regement for just over three weeks now.  While fortunately my skin isn't completely full of wrinkles - I've started with the noticing, in particular, fine lines and just an overall dullness. 

So what have my results been thus far?  I don't want to mislead - not all of my problem areas have completely disappeared, BUT the fine lines - dramatically reduced!  And what I'm more thrilled with, my skin is SO soft and smooth, I honestly feel like the school-girl of yesteryear.

Remember the 2 steps I mentioned?  Each has a specific function (for more info click on any of our provided links in this post):

Step 1, Firming Peptide Serum - Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to tighten and tone. 

Step 2, Repairing Peptide Cream - Protects from environmental damage, supports new collagen growth and hydrates and plumps the dermis.

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