My Newest Obsession: Borghese Splendide Mani

For me, hand lotion is a must.  Regardless of the season, I'm constantly quenching my skin with something.  My latest skin soothing obsession - Splendide Mani from Borghese, the brand combining classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility. 

Gifted to me many months ago, I had put in my "extras" space and actually forgotten I even had it until recently.  Fortunately, I've done some cleaning and organizing in recent weeks and it now has a permanent spot on my living room coffee table (I didn't even hide it when guests arrived over the weekend)!  Perfect for summer days after being outside, Splendide Mani is specifically formulated to "alleviate chapping and dryness caused by sun exposure, windburn and other environmental agressors."  The result?  Smooth hydrated skin.  Perfection!

Lightly scented, Borghese Splendide Mani retails for $30.50 for a 7.0 oz bottle.  Learn more about the entire Borghese line by visiting