A friend of mine recently gifted me something I'd never even heard of...shampoo and conditioner bars.  Shampoo and conditioner bars?  I was reluctant.  The brand?  Lush.  The scent?  Amazing - the one thing I thought they had going.  And then I tried them and my love affair with Karma Kombo (shampoo, bottom left, $9.95) and Jungle (conditioner, bottom right, $5.95) began.  The shampoo lathers and cleanses just as you would expect shampoo to do.  The conditioner leaves your hair tangle-free and soft.  Even after I styled and used my regular products the incredible scent remained, and everytime I got a whiff of it, I was happy.

Lush takes pride in making products from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, by hand, and even tell you the dates they were made.  Visit LushUSA.com for details on all the brand has to offer!