What's in Her Bag? Survivor's Ashley Underwood Tells Us!

Ashley Underwood, third runner up on this season's Survivor: Redemption Island, has led a busy life since concluding her stint on the island.  A certified personal trainer, she offers a unique training method based on her experience as a professional basketball player, pageant queen and coach, and of course, preparing for Survivor.  So what are essentials for Ashley and what's in her bag?  She tells us below!

Essentials for Every Girl

1. Sunscreen - now that the sun is out in full force, always carry this with you!
2. Lip-gloss - keep those luscious lips moisturized! (my personal favorites are "Addict" by Dior or Nars "Turkish Delight")
3. Blotting papers for shine control - the hot weather makes for some sweaty skin! Blot your shine away to keep your makeup looking fresh & flawless!
4. Perfume - ladies, this is a MUST! What better way to make a guy remember you than by leaving behind your one-of-a-kind irresistible smell!
5. Mascara! They sell mini-mascaras everywhere so invest! Sometimes your eyes need that extra pop!

What's in my bag:

1. Laura Mercier - shine powder
2. Mac lipstick - "snob" ... A recent purchase and I love it! The perfect color pink for summer!
3. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! - I'm always on the go and since I like to "graze" throughout the day, I pack things like granola bars or almonds to get me through!
4. "Viva la Juicy" roll on perfume - again, I'm always on the go, sometimes I need a scent pick-me-up :)
5. Trident "bubblegum" - I don't go anywhere without gum .. And this kind makes me feel like a kid again :)