Brett Freedman's Beauty Battleship - Teen Choice Awards Addition!

The youth were alive and well at the Teen Choice Awards, and below, our pal Brett Freedman brings us his top hits and misses in the latest installment of Brett's Beauty Battleship. 

Direct Hit! Lucy Hale is so in step with what's happening in make-up right now. Love the sheer base, super soft, fleshy blush and a gorgeous 'barely there but def there' pink lemonade lip glaze. This takes your focus right where Lucy wants it: on her gorgeous eyes and pristinely tailored brows. Lashes curled to perfection that picket fence across her lids and have a touch of sheer color, similar to watercolors, not oil paints. The hair feels like an updated Veronica Lake. Deconstructed and tucked tastefully behind one ear gives the look a slightly classic Hollywood vibe...yet young and fresh. Brava Lucy, I salute you!

Near Miss! Zoe Saldana was so great in Avatar and usually nails it on the red carpet! Here's what put her in the brig: Waxy/too reddish brown fill in on the brows and hair that teeters on sausage curls. What I like: great, golden pink lip color, but why the super bronzy shadow? Something in a sheer, shimmery pewter could have lightened up the whole look making it season appropriate...or go a bit more golden on the lip and do a summer tan, neutrals thing.

The Fix: Zoe needs to have her make-up person switch to a powder for brows (or a pencil to powder formula, like my Body heat makes waxy formula pencils heat up and get shiny on oilier skins. Also, choose a shade that's fleshier, more chocolate-y than auburn. I'd use my Dark Choco on her. You want a sueded finish on brows to look most natural. Hair: just brush through a touch to look more tousled than piecey. This type of crisp curl feels very American Idol to me...not soft fashion. Zoe, I'm giving you a weekend pass to pow-wow with your glam squad for your next sail down the red carpet!

Sweetheart, you sank! This pains me to put my gal Fergie below deck ;-( ! But where to begin?! Okay, Fergie Ferg...let's start with the spray tan. There was a time when it was so fashionable to sport an obvious faux-glow. That time was 2006. Five years later it's landlocked. I was thinking maybe if she were brunette it wouldn't have been such a misstep, less glaring, but still wrong. I'm all for a spray tan, but you really have to find the formula that’s right for you and your skin. It's trial and error for sure, and best to error on a Tuesday, shopping at Kitson rather than Sunday on the red carpet. Too blonde hair. There's a point where a blonde shade literally looks like it hurts. I'd say E.T. would put his finger on those ends and say "Ouch".

The Fix: No time for a proper spray tan? Bronze up with a deeper foundation. That way it always looks fleshy and real. That's what I do with my actresses. Warm up that blonde. You want to look beachy and sexy, not like a real housewife from Bev Hills. I will say, I do love that golden apricot lip I'll throw ya' a life preserver, kitten!

Same ship, different day!  I heart me some Taylor Swift and Avril. I applaud that TS tried to step out of her beauty rut with a touch of colored shadow. But it didn't come off as stylish to me, it comes off like an addition to her mainstay eye look. We all know the Swift drill: black liquid liner swept out eye, crisp lashes, cotton candy blush and curled hair that's always side swept.

Ms. Lavigne: hair parted down the middle, ironed stick-straight. Her big glam surprise: she didn't clip in her bright pink extension behind her right ear. I'm a fan of β€œIf it ain't broke, don't fix it" but I just feel these true creatives would have a touch more fun with her look. They're dangerously close to becoming the tween set's own Goldie Hawn! Okay gals, let's meet in the galley and have a chat!