The Depilar System Lets You Say "So Long" to Unwanted Hair

We have it everywhere it seems...unwanted hair.  And it seems we'll go to any expense to eliminate it, only to find the treatments are either too expensive or don't really work that well. 

However, there is something new on the market you may want to try!  Depilar System is an enzyme based hair removal treatment that that is performed immediately after waxing - working on all sexes, races, hair colors and types.  The enhanced gel formula targets and destroys open-and-empty hair follicles and is actually more effective and less expensive than laser, IPL and electrolysis.  Taking approximately 1-10 minutes to treat (depending on the target area), and regular treatments every 4-6 weeks over 12-24 month period are recommended to effectively destroy all hair cells.  Gaining popularity nationwide at top spas, visit to find a location near you or for more info.