Get Interactive with Coffey Buzz!

Ahhh technology - we love it!  And even when it's not cooperating and we tell everyone how much we hate it, we still love it...kind of like men - ba dum dum...but I digress.  So where exactly would we be without technology - more specifically our beloved internet?  Anymore, everything is done online, including one of my favorite online activities shopping - which is why I love Coffey Buzz, an interactive lifestyle website airing webisodes that take online shopping to a whole new level.  The webisodes aren't just fun to watch, but viewers can literally click on anything they see to learn more about it, including its buying location.   And when I say anything, I actually mean absolutely everything - from the decor in the background to the necklace host Lissa Coffey happens to be wearing. 

Created by brothers David and Charles Shaughnessy (Days of our Lives, The Nanny) the webisodes are short and informative and regardless of whether you're "shopping" you'll at the very least, enjoy the the show.  Below, we were fortunate enough to pick the brain of co-creator Charles Shaughnessy and got his thoughts on Coffey Buzz, so read on internet enthusiasts, and be sure to visit to catch the current and archived webisodes for yourself!

How did the concept for Coffey Buzz evolve?  David and I were introduced to the owners of Hyperspots, who developed a brilliant interactive technology.  In affect, it was a click and buy solution to the revenue issue.  Coffey Buzz is an online magazine show that gave an opportunity to introduce products and services in an amusing and creative format. 

Have you worked with your brother before - does working with family present any challenges?  We've made a few pilots/demos that you can find on Busstop 31 YouTube channel.  Redship is about an LAFD helicopter pilot and Tea and Crumpet, a family with an unusual family business.  Sometimes a family dynamic for an agenda will intrude and sometimes it will facilitate a great working relationship. 

Obviously, either gender is welcome to watch the Coffey Buzz webisodes, but I'm sure you have a lot of females in your audience.  Have you learned anything new about the female world since it started?  You're absolutely right Laura!  The audience is primarily women, which was what we were looking for.  When we have a sports show introduction, I will let you know!

Do you have a favorite episode thus far?  I thought the Pet Hotel was very cute and the Home Office had some great gadgets, but it's hard to pick any one favorite.  I love them all!

How is working behind the scenes different from working in front of the camera?  It's much harder (laughs)!