Summer Hair Care Tips from Paul Cucinello

No doubt about it, this summer's heat and humidity has been brutal.  And when you couple that with sun, salt and chlorine, your locks have really taken a beating as well.  Below, Paul Cucinello, celeb hairstylist and Creative Director at the swanky Chris Chase Salon in Chelsea gives his must-try products from the Ecru haircare line, to help protect and nourish our hair:

Shine On  Chemicals and free radicals from the pool, sun, salt water, and air conditioning can damage cuticles and dull the hair. Repair and replenish summer-damaged hair and use a shine treatment to infuse locks with protein-building complexes. Try ECRU New York Acacia Protein Masque ($25). Formulated with Acacia Collagen, sunflower and grape seed oils, shea butter and marine extracts, this intense hair masque penetrates deep into the hair shaft to restore and renew dry, damaged hair – revealing gorgeous locks full of shine!

Cool Down and Lock It Up  Before getting out of the shower, run your hair under the coldest water you can tolerate for a few seconds. The icy blast of cold water will lock cuticles shut, leaving your strands super shiny like Jennifer Anniston’s.

Beat the Heat  Avoid heat-styling as often as possible during the summer months. After washing your hair, wring out any extra moisture with a towel and allow your hair to air dry before blow-drying. Cutting back on your use of hot tools such as a blow dryer and flat iron will help reduce damage. Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to treat dry, strawlike hair. Try ECRU New York Luxe Treatment Shampoo ($22) and ECRU New York Protective Silk Conditioner ($22) to restore moisture and provide superior conditioning leaving hair beautiful and healthy.
Poolside Hair Repair  When planning a day at the beach or the pool, be sure to pack in your beach bag a leave-in conditioner along with a wide tooth comb. Try ECRU New York Silk Nourishing Spray ($24) to instantly detangle hair – salt and chlorine create major knots – and provide intense hydration.