Big Rich Texas’s Bon Blossman: Not Just a Pretty Face

Bonne and WhitneySure you see one side of the Dallas firecracker on The Style Network’s Big Rich Texas, but how well do you really know Dr. (yes, Dr.) Bon Blossman?  We asked if she feels she’s portrayed accurately on the hit show, and she says emphatically, “No!”  At least, not 100% of the time.  So what else is there to possibly know about the reality star?  She fills us in below, and for more on Dr. Bon and daughter Whitney, don’t miss our Q&A with the pair!

“I don't like showing my true academic colors when I am talking or interacting with others on a social level and I definitely think this shows through on camera.  I have sat through many conversations about layman's science without revealing I had a PhD and was a scientist. Why would I do that?  Well, I don't pretend to be or act like I am superior to others in any manner. If my expertise is warranted, I will come through, however, but only in the proper setting.  I don't tell people about myself unless they ask.

I do regret that they never filmed me teaching at UNT.  They were going to film my Biochemistry lecture, but it didn't happen. Not that the world would want to be bored...uh, hmm...even I can make Biochemistry fun!  But being a professor is only part time and I actually didn't even want it to be mentioned on the show. I have taught for 17 years and the students love me so I just can't quit. Sad to say, this might be my final semester due to time. I have been trying to quit for about 5-6 years but my student evaluations and end of semester emails from my students whom I adore keep me coming back each semester.

The film crews were going to also film a book signing of my newest novel, 614 Scarlet Ct.  That also fell through the cracks.  The biggest part about what I do is writing - it's how I support my entire family but sad to say, most viewers don't even realize it. I use underlying science in my books as well so I incorporate my PhD education.  One of my murder mystery parties was highlighted in episode four.  That was from one of my companies, My Mystery Party which is an international murder mystery game and scavenger hunt party site. We sell instantly downloadable games and boxed sets all over the world!  But lesson learned, you don't invite your enemy to your party! 

I have also written The Official Party Host Handbook.  I'm not sure why I wasn't highlighted this season as 'THE' party host?  During the filming season, I hosted a major event for my son's 16th birthday - Zakkapalooza.  The event definitely highlighted my party hosting skills as it was a 'to die for' amazing party full of wonderful memories.  The guests from the sweet sixteen party in the next ballroom actually rushed over to join my son's group!  But again, the camera crews fell through and didn't make it to the event.  I think Zakkapalooza was worthy of one of those sweet sixteen shows, actually.  Sigh...

In addition to multiple businesses and endeavors, my family has an alternative rock band.  I play the bass guitar and sing back up vocals, my husband plays lead guitar, my son is a child prodigy of a drummer and Whitney is potentially working her way into playing rhythm guitar.  Right now, our best friend Scot is the lead singer.  We're not great (yet), but we have a lot of fun.  We actually plan to make an appearance one day when we can finally get a set list together that we can all agree upon! It is such a struggle...

Also, my husband and I make up the group Party of 2. We are a musical group that publishes seasonal dance party mix CDs. We have a recording studio in our home - you didn't know that, did you?  We have released the Monstrous Halloween Dance Party Mix CD and are about to release our Christmas CD by November.   My son Zakkem is a dub-step DJ in the making and is collaborating with us on one of our songs.  Whitney is also an aspiring rap artist and she too will be featured on one of our songs.  We are about to release our first non-seasonal dance mix and will be giving a large portion of the proceeds to The Trevor Project - a foundation established for the prevention of teen suicides. This is a charity that Whit and I are very passionate about.    

Last, my son Zakkem and I take comedy courses at the local Improv theater.  I am learning to do standup with my 16 year old son.  He's the one who deserves to be on a comedy so much but at least I try.

With all of that said, if I am asked to continue as a cast member in additional seasons, I think I have more to offer. We also have some charitable events that Whit and I are planning and / or participating in as well as our other endeavors.  My house never sleeps.”