Brett's Beauty Battleship: VMA Edition

Fabulous-ness - the only way to describe this year's VMA's!  Below, everyone's favorite Hollywood makeup artist, Brett Freedman, tells us who stole his heart, who broke his heart (gasp, how dare they), and who was somewhere in between in this edition of Brett's Beauty Battleship!

"MTV's Video Music Awards is in my periscope. Hot hair and make-up looks that kept me just as entertained as the performances. Here's who sailed to beauty victory and who took a torpedo to their hull!"

Direct hit!

Kelly Rowland. This is what the MTV Video Music Awards is all about! Something eye-popping that's both young and sexy. Love the solid fringe of bang that grazes not her brows, but her lash line. Neutrals used in an evening, sultry way. A subtle smokey eye downplayed lips and cheeks give a clean, confident look. I raise the flag to her glam team for knowing when a gal is showing that much cleavage that the hair and make-up need to step back a touch so as not to look overt. Brava Kelly!

Near miss:

Adele. Great voice...rickety hair and make-up. We're talking red carpet here so she won't get the extra points from the pulled back hair she sported for her performance. I really like the IDEA of what they were doing here. A slightly 60's/Bewitched vibe is perfect for Adele. The execution, unfortunately lacked pristine finish. Strip lashes can rarely be worn full width across the eye. You have to either cut them or find a set that is graduated on the inner corner side. A thick, solid lash applied from the tear duct to the end flattens the eye and looks too costume-y, not sexy. Loved the apricot gloss and lighter brows, but they felt very squared off and filled in. A touch softer on that shape would have given the same structure but not distracted from the eyes. Big, theatrical hair is great, but brush through the pieces and spray lightly. It looks a little ropey and matted with hairspray. Adele, I'm ordering you to be hosed down on deck and soften up!

Sweatheart, you sunk!

Nicki Minaj- I hate to write this because I adore her and anyone that gets adventurous in their look. I feel that Nicki, like Katy Perry, does a colorful, frothy exaggeration of feminine beauty. Neapolitan ice cream shades used in a winking style. Tonight ,I feel like her look felt a little desperate. Nicki, you're already the gal of the need to amp everything up. Sometimes more is less. I felt she was trying to be the black Lady GaGa. The look didn't feel fresh or progressive. Mounds of Dr. Suess hairpieces stacked up, thick blue shadow and candy pink lips. It looked a little like an easter egg fight!  The Fix: Find one off kilter thing and make that the focal point. Doing an over the top hairpiece is fine, but do something progressive and modern. Maybe a wig made of yarn that was like a beautifully crafted art piece? Colorful make-up is fun. Do something sheerer, more modern on parts of the face to give our eyes a rest. The thick, Sherwin Williams style actually is painful to look at. We all have the same, instant visceral reaction when we see someone who's trying too hard. You want to surprise and delight. Sorry're in my crosshairs this week!

Permission to board:

GaGa's guy pal, Joe. At first I was thinking, "Why is Ralph Macchio singing GaGa's new single". Smile. Here are my style notes, Mr. Calderone. Too much hair. I get it, you're doing a 50's greaser thing. Take a note from Bruno Mars and polish up the pompadour to a sleeker style. Shave. Buddy, 'ur on national television on behalf of your gal...pull out a razor for it! Stop smoking. I read in Cosmo that smoking is bad for you. Tell GaGa, too. Wink.