Brett’s Beauty Battleship–Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Edition

They seemingly have it all, including a ticket to one of the most fresh-faced soirees in town, the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party.  Some of the hottest rising stars in H-Town came out to celebrate and while gorge looks were among them, sadly, there were those who made us want to jump ship.  Below, celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman has the scoop - those who made him raise his sail, sunk his jump and nearly made a hit in this edition of Brett’s Beauty Battlship!

Wow...a tie! Two gals rocked the red carpet with totally different, yet spot on looks. Modern Family's Sarah Hyland gave us tawny skin, a strong lash and beautifully blended neutral eye with shimmering highlights. Love the understated golden apricot mouth. Hair was sleek but casually side parted with a tousled off center bun in the back. I love that she went straight with the hair, so different than her character on the show. Great brow that's nice and milk chocolate-y, not too dark.Gorgeous.

Starlet Skyler Samuels looked right on trend with the bold mouth and strong lash line. The power of her look is the fact she kept the rest of her makeup very minimal. A soft pink cheek and sleekly tailored brows set her look sailing!

Sarah and Skyler

Prep the life raft for starlet Zoey Deutch! She almost nailed it. I like the idea of going very sleek and a touch retro with a very graphic dress. Hair wise, I love the idea. Very Barbie, and it works. The makeup (in concept) is smart and fashion-y but the execution is where it shipwrecked.

The fix: Love the mauve lip to draw attention to the swept up eye and strong brow but why the copper shadow? It literally looks like it landed on her face from another planet. You have such a cool toned, 60's vibe, why not stay with that in the eye makeup? What if you kept the shadow the same shape but used cooler toned taupes and pewters? That would bring this whole look together. Also, watch blush placement. It's a sweet color but placed too low. If you want to bring out the cheek by shading under the cheekbone, use something fleshier. This look took on water...but didn't totally sink!


Let me start this with this: I heart the 80's. I love that the kids are embracing it and enjoying it. That being said...Emily Osment 'tried something' and it didn't work. Overall, it was just too 'theme-y'. The hair to one side, the pouf up off the hairline and the bouncy waves. Very fun-loving and I applaud that but mixed with silvery pink lips, rug burn blush, vivid eyes and very filled in brow, it's exhausting. You need to give the viewer's eye somewhere to rest. First, blondes have to be careful with bright or obvious makeup. Keep in mind where you are going. It's a Teen Vogue party. Not exactly the place to do something so costume-y and lightweight.

The fix: Abandon the 80's vibe completely. If you're definitely going to do the dress w/the feathers, go for a simpler earring. Do a very textured, brushed out Veronica Lake wave with a slightly off center part (to keep the face looking slim). Stay with a pink, but do a cream finish (non metallic) fushia. Amp up the lashes and go minimal with the liner. Make it a lip and lash story. Emily's brows have such a great shape, lighten up the fill in so we can see the hairs...or at least the texture. More modern, fresher!

Emily Osment