Are you Ready to Break the Fashion Rules this Fall?

Ok, so I'm a little behind, about two months, but who's counting.  InStyle's August article 10 New Style Statements was all about breaking the so called fashion rules and as I read each of the rules to be broken I had strong opinions regarding each...what do you think?

#1 - Match your shoes to your bag and your clothing.
...ick, I despise this rule and as of now, unless it's black pumps with black trousers, you'll not catch me sporting it.  Life is more interesting when it's a bit mixed up, don't you think?

#2 - Wear summer fabrics in winter.
...L-O-V-E love it!  This only makes room for lots of fun layers, with mixed up textures and possibly patterns. 

#3 - Go big, really big.
...hmmm this could work but also has potential disaster written all over it.  Think about your silhouette here ladies.  Exaggerated jackets won't work on everyone.

#4 - Try lots of barrettes at once.
...adorable.  Hair accessories can be difficult.  When trying to avoid same old same old, they can sometimes come off as crazy town.  This is simple yet unique and is easy to pull off.

#5 - Use a single color around your eye.'s alright, but nothing earth shattering, especially when it's recommended to finish with black liner and mascara.

#6 - Shop the boys department.
...this is new?  I've been doing this since "boyfriend" made it's debut.  The boy's department at Marshall's is SO much cheaper than purchasing a designer ladies' boyfriend look. 

#7 - Embrace culottes.
...oh-how-I-adore.  There's obviously a very retro element here.  And hey, I'm all for reinventing a classic.

#8 - Mix black and brown.
...again, I feel those in-the-know have been doing this for awhile and it looks phenom.  So to all of you women who still are anti this look get with it!  You can even dare to where white after Labor Day!

#9 - Grow your nails long.
...def looks good with the two-tone nail trend that I also love right now.  But it doesn't work for me.  If it works for you, rock it!

#10 - Shine during the day. true!  Patent and sequins have established themselves in ready-to-wear in so many ways.  I am all for glamming up our day looks, too boring makes for a boring day and who wants that?