Rave Reviews for In The Hive's Jonathan McDaniel

He may have burst onto the scene as teen-dream Devon Carter on That's So Raven but Jonathan McDaniel has taken on a more mature role as Xtra Keys, a gang member who's learned to survive the streets in In The Hive, directed by Robert Townsend.  Collecting rave reviews, In The Hive is being tauted as this year's Precious.  And of course while we hate to brag, how lucky are we to have had the opportunity to talk to this 26 year-old star-on-rise, not only about his latest flick, but style (of course) and future goals?  Humble, modest AND easy-on-the-eyes are qualities not easily found these days, but keep reading, as Mr. McDaniel proves that while he may be a star, he's far from conceited which in our eyes, makes him all the more likable!

You currently star in Robert Townsend’s In the Hive.  What was it like being on set with the likes of not only him, but also co-stars like Vivica A. Fox and Loretta Divine?  This film, being able to work with Mr. Townsend and act alongside veteran actors like Vivica A. Fox and Loretta Divine, has been a huge blessing in my life and I’m truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Have you had time to reflect on the movie since wrapping and premiering? How do you feel you grew as an actor?  I’m still wondering how we did this amazing film in just 18 days . I’ve got to honestly say, it was so rewarding and worth every long day on set when I got to see the response at ABFF to all of the great performances!  God is good.

I love the aviators you donned on the red carpet premiere of In the Hive (at the ABFF)!  How would you describe your style? What are some of your key pieces?  Thank you and I love those glasses too. My style is unmatched and never duplicated because I’m always being me at all times, being me is my style. I always wear my bullets for peace necklace because it’s a part of my fashion statement wherever I go.  I’m pro-peace instead of anti-war!  Peace and love.

Your ideal date would be…My house, dinner made by me. Yes, I cook, and for the most beautiful woman in the world (inside and out). I love to cook for those I care about, especially my lady.

You love to see the ladies wearing…Less make-up and one-of-a-kind style!  I love natural beauty.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I will be shooting 4-5 films a year, still recording music, which I love to do when I’m not on set.  Happily married and enjoying my life as I am now.

Photo Credits:

Photographer - ©vincentsandoval.com
Makeup - Nancy Silva
Styling - Audrey Knowling