Two Masks you Must Try!

The task to maintain beauty is never-ending.  And with the wide array of products we see on the market, it’s hard to differentiate the ones that inevitably bomb from the ones that are the bomb.  Regarding masks, I’m a bit of mask-jumper.  Constantly floating from one to another hoping to find one that I like so much I actually remember to use it the next week.  With that being said, I obviously jumped at the chance to sample two masks from well respected brands WEI and Cures by Avancé.  Needless to say, I now look forward to my Monday Night Mask Session…no reminder alarm necessary!

WeiCraving a little luxury as you purify your complexion?  Look no further than WEI Beauty Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask.  Individual pods contain more than enough of the velvety smooth milk-chocolate colored mask which contains Golden Root extract and China Clay.  More then just “fancy” ingredients, Golden Root is an exceptionally powerful antioxidant that keeps skin looking young and smooth and counteracts the oxidative causes of cell damage.  China Clay absorbs toxins, dirt and removes dead cells.  While you could open up a pod and slather it on with your fingers, the included application brush is a dream – almost making me forget I was in my bathroom and not in some fabulous spa!

The mask does go on incredibly smooth and its amazing light cooling feeling left me calm and relaxed.  After the 10 minutes the instructions say to leave it on for, my skin was definitely smooth, although I can’t say it was more clear than before.  However, even the next morning, my face had a suppleness that I can’t say it possessed in awhile.  My verdict?  A must-try!  $42 for the set of 8 pods and brush at

Anti Acne MaskNext up, Cures by Avancé Anti-Acne Mask – part of the Cures answer to treat the root cause of the condition, therefore offering long-term results.  Aimed at helping to eliminate blackheads, congested skin and oily acne this mask’s texture reminds me of a whipped frosting – so lightweight and creamy all at the same time – it doesn’t feel like a mask at all.  Formulated with Camphor Extracts to help purify skin, the cooling, refreshing mask also temporarily relieves sinus pressure and puffiness around they eyes.

I first tried this when I was PMS’ing and dealing with unwanted breakouts.  It wasn’t like I washed the mask off and poof, zits-be-gone, but it did help soothe the irritations and, while I’m no scientist, I’m convinced it helped minimize Round 2 of my monthly guests from forming.  I liked the scent, even though it did faintly remind me of Vicks.  I know that fact might make you reconsider your desire for it, but it shouldn’t.  Hands down, this was the most refreshing mask I’ve ever tried.  I used it again the next week when I was sick for it’s power to temporarily relieve sinus pressure and puffiness around the eyes.  I loved it – a godsend for the face!  $32 at