What Could Be: 2011 Emmy Beauty Predictions

The Emmy's so easily bring out the best in Hollywood.  And while the dresses are certainly the focal point, their glam factor would take a major hit if it weren't for the finishing touches - i.e. hair and makeup!  Our favorite celeb makeup artist, Brett Freedman teams up with mizu hairstylist (NYC) Ashley Hanna to discuss what could be for those who sizzled last year - Sofia, Tina, Christina, Kate and Mariska.

Sofia Vergara (nominated for Modern Family)
MAKEUP: Last year, Sofia did a tumbly hair and dewey/bronzey story. I loved the naughty sex appeal of it. This year it would be smart for Sofia to do a more polished, classic Hollywood look. Deep side parted, Veronica Lake sleek with a garnet red lip with golden shimmer. I'd love to see her mix a touch of pewter into her eye make up and a stronger liquid liner winged out a touch. A Colombian Jessica Rabbit!

HAIR: Sofia should wear her hair up for a change! Wearing her hair up would be out of her comfort zone but a nice break from her usual sexy bombshell look. A switch up with a modern hairstyle this year would really bring out more of her natural beauty!

Tina Fey
(nominated for 30 Rock)
MAKEUP: I'm a huge fan of the side swept bang from 2010. I'd like to see that return with the hair down with a touch of bed head texture. Smudgy but crisp eyes with a mix of matte and shimmer shadows framed by lots of lashes. Cheeks and lips nude/fleshy to give our fave funny gal a Bond girl finish.

HAIR: I want to see Tina in a style that’s a little bit rock and roll meets Roman princess. Something soft but with lots of texture. It would be nice to see her work a bold hairstyle for once.

Christina Hendricks
(nominated for Mad Men)
MAKEUP: The secret with the cast of Mad Men is to make them look modern but not too daring that people feel they look better in their period-set show. I'd love for Christina to do a sleek ponytail. A piece added will give a nice theatrical lilt and balance her curvy shape. Stay in the neutral and honey tones for lips and cheeks. Eyes will be bold in pewter and ebony. With her bisque-like skin, a little will go a long way to give her eyes pop.

HAIR: Since she is always wearing her hair curly and very 1950’s – esque, I would like to see her style her hair in a totally different way. Something sleek would balance out her curvy figure - whether it be down and straight or a sleek ponytail. A clip on bang might also be a fun option to make her look very modern!

Kate Winslet
(nominated for Mildred Pierce)
MAKEUP: Playing a poor, hard working mother gives Kate a terrific chance to really give glam. I'd love to see her hair up
and back with texture to give a modern, fashion edge. Sparse eyes in champagne and taupe paired with a strong, structured brow and lash line. A dramatic mouth would be nice to see. A satin finish plum or wine shade would be a scene stealer!

HAIR: I want to see her hair up! Something very sleek and classic would fit her style best, too much texture wouldn’t work for Kate. I would keep it simple with a ponytail or even a soft ballerina bun.

Mariska Hargitay
(nominated for Law and Order: SVU)
MAKEUP: I love Mariska's style. Clean and polished. For this year's show I'd love her to embrace her sexy side. Full bodied hair with a touch of naughty waves. I'd love to see a smokey eye in an unusual shade, like burgundy. If paired with charcoal liner and lashes. it can give the eyes a vivid, bold look. She can ground that with a soft caramel mouth and fleshy cheeks that have a touch of shimmer to give a dewy sheen. Pretty!

HAIR: I'd like to see her with her hair off her face, maybe half up and half down. With her hair all down, it tends to overtake her dress and entire look, she has a beautiful face and sometimes she needs to show that off!