Brett’s Beauty Battleship: Footloose Edition


Brett's Beauty Battleship

We know everyone is ready for the debut of the new Footloose (October 14th) and just like us regular folk, stars were excited for the premiere Tuesday night.  And again, just like us regular folk, some of their beauty looks were successes while others were, well…less than stellar.  Beauty expert and makeup artist to the stars Brett Freedman below fills us in on who rocked the red carpet and whose looks needed a little more tending-to in this edition of Brett’s Beauty Battleship!

Ashley Tisdale: Raise the flag that she's right on trend with the bright lip and crisp eye. It's interesting to see blonde starlets navigate the newer, sparser look in make-up. Playing up the eyes is so fun but to mix it up and do a brighter lip makes any gal look more fun and adventurous. The red lip is perfect in tone and texture. It feels satin-y and fresh. A lot of gals are having a hard time letting go of the glossed lip and with red it really is best to stay classic and clean. The black line is encasing the eye and smudged just a touch to soften, but not smoke. When doing this look, it's important to keep the under eye light and bright with concealer. A soft toned yet structured brow frame the eye nicely. I like the way she did a tousled 'do. The not so perfect texture keeps the over all look young and with a touch of fashion. Miss Ashley, I salute you!

Julianne Hough: Of course she looks fabulous. Julianne always does. Let's play 'what if...'. First, when you have a neckline with that much interest, the hair always goes up. Always. So much going on up there, then you layer cascading waves over top and it's a little overkill. Make up is very pretty. A little safe for my taste. What if she had done a lip stain with a bit more color, in the family of the dress and did a crisp upper lash line and sparser underneath? A little Vargas-girly and naughty fun. Texture is important to watch. When a gal doesn't have a lot of lid you don't want to use anything with too much shimmer or frost in the crease. It pops focus and can make the skin on the lip more obvious. A couple tweaks and Ms. J would have danced her way to smooth sailing.

Jana Kramer: All hands on deck to blend Jana's eyeshadow. This mistake is common in this 'Kardashian era'.  Everyone wants dark, sexy Princess Jasmine eyes. Any gal can have them, but you need to make sure you keep the darkest parts of the shadow along the lash line. Dark shadow in the crease is great when used minimally and blended carefully. Jana's dark brown patches on the corners look dirty and low rent. Mix that with too full lashes that start too close the inner eye and you have beauty mutiny. Brows are a touch too dark and filled in looking. I'd suggest her using my Milk Choco eyebrow pencil. You want the fill in to be lighter than the hairs. Think Eva Longoria (a Milk Choco fan!) or JLo. A softer brow would make Jana's lashes the darkest thing on her face and add depth. As for the blush and lip, they look beautiful. Miss Jana, your over the top eyes are what got ya' walking the plank!

Footloose Battleship