Get the Look: Camilla Belle at the Crystal Quill Awards

Camilla BelleNot surprising, Camilla Belle looked gorge last week at the Crystal Quill Awards.  Below, the man who created the look, celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman, shares his tips for achieving this look yourself.

Apricot lip! Bronze-y cheek! Copper liner...oh my! It all starts with the dress. What to do with a bold print in black and rust. Do you match a lip to the orange? Do you go fleshy and make the color of the dress a non-issue? Ahhh, the options to weigh. Here's the make-up choices I made for Camilla Belle's appearance at the Crystal Quill Awards help at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, and why:

Prep: Murad Pomegranate moisturizer. Lightweight and super sheer. Perfect for under make-up.

Base: Make-up Forever HD. Love the finish of this foundation. Covers yet never looks heavy or too opaque.

Concealer: Laura Mercier Camo. I picked a tone that exactly matched her skin/base. I didn't want a 'spotlight' under the eye. I wanted it to be very fleshy/natural.

Powder: Shu Uemura Loose. I used very little powder. Just enough to set the face but I def wanted a dewy finish.

Blush: A combo: Stila Convertible in Gerbera (on apples and swept up toward temples) and Jemma Kidd's shimmery 3 tone bronzer over top. I felt the Stila blush alone felt a little to sweet and daytime so I warmed it up with bronzer with shimmer so it would still photograph like a cream blush.

Brow: Camilla is so famous for her brows. I liken them to Liz Taylor's fab arches. Full and tailored so they feel modern yet casually sexy. I used Dark Choco brow powder from my own line, Vanitymark, to fill in a touch lighter than her hairs so they look defined but not filled in and pasted on. I wanted them to have depth.

Eyeshadows: I used the Shu loose powder on her lids to keep them light, fleshy and matte. MAC Shroom shimmery shadow on the brow bone. For the crease I went very subtle and nude with MAC's Wedge.

Liquid eyeliners: Camilla had the idea to do a liquid liner, cat eye vibe. I agreed it would be very striking and balance the theatricalness of the dress. I first did a very think line of Shiseido's pen liner in black from the tear duct to the outer corner, finishing with a upsweep toward the temple. Over top of that I use a bold copper liquid liner (Prestige in Legend) along the top of that line (when it dried). This was to pop some interest in the eye and give a subtle nod to the dress. My tip: Def make sure the black liner is dry so both lines are crisp.

Mascara: I really wanted it to be a lash party. I used Benefit's They're Real mascara and curler before and after applying.

Lip: I toyed with just doing a clear lip balm on Camilla's lips but I felt it might be too low watt with the dress. To add some impact I went with a glossy lipstick by Jemma Kidd in Sugar Cane. I heart that it has a touch of gold so it's universally flattering and instantly looks downtown, no Palm Beach ;)

Body: LORAC's TanTilizer mixed with Dermalogica body lotion. I like the soft lift of color with an almost mother or peal finish. Pretty!