My New Loves: ZO® Skin Health Products

Searching for a new skincare line?  Maybe one that “bridges the gap between therapeutic medical products and daily skin care?”  Look no further than ZO® Skin Health, a new line by Zein Obagi, MD, that fights the signs of aging with powerful ingredients and an enhanced delivery system. 

Lucky me to receive samples of two of their products to try and write about.  I have to admit, generally when I try cleansing-type products, I’m skeptical.  Many seem the same and the promised results end up being ho-hum.  This line?  Not ho-hum!  Not even a little!  Keep reading for reviews on two of the line’s products: Offects® Exfoliating Cleanser and Offects® Exfoliating Polish.

ZO CleanserOffects® Exfoliating Cleanser ($45)

I know I know…all cleansers are the same.  Or, at least the results they promise are.  So what makes this cleanser different?  For starters, it actually works.  And I don’t think I fully realized that until that one time of month where I break out like a teen on a chocolate diet (and yes I know, chocolate doesn’t really cause acne, #sarcasm).  Actually it occurred to me when those few days had passed and I realized I hadn’t broken out.  Nothing.  Not a zit, not a bump, not a blemish. 

Is it right for you?  Well, if your concern is acne-prone skin, monthly blemishes, clogged or enlarged pores or excess oil, you my friend are the perfect candidate for Offects® Exfoliating Cleanser.  The gel-like formula is enhanced with Vitamin E to fight free radicals and repair damaged skin, and Lipopeptide to boost collagen and stimulate cellular function.

I know like many women, I’m guilty of wanting to know, or “feel,” that a product is working “right now.”  I want my pores to shrink overnight, I want my blemishes to disappear in an instant.  So, the truth is, you won’t “feel” this working.  There’s no tingling, no light-up sign that with an arrow pointing to your face that says, “Your skin is healing here!”  But I did experience results.  Good ones at that!

ZO PolishOffects® Exfoliating Polish ($75)

Alright, so, if you DO want to FEEL something, you’ll definitely notice this!  This exfoliator uses Magnesium Crystals to gently remove dead surface cells and allow for better penetration and enhanced cellular turnover.  In addition to the crystals, Vitamin A, for cellular turnover and a collagen boost, Vitamin C and C Esters which stimulate collagen synthesis and protect skin by reducing free radicals, and Vitamin E, to fight free radicals and repair damaged skin cells, all work toward common goals: an exfoliated, clearer, smoother, more even-toned complexion. 

So you know those polishes that you have to really “scrub” into your skin to get the “promised” results?  Well, this is not one of them!  In fact if anything, you’ll want to apply less pressure than what you would normally use even to cleanse your skin.  I admit, that took me awhile to get used to.  It didn’t take me awhile however to get used to the results – you will immediately feel smoother skin.  I tried this polish both in the morning and at night and found that (for me) my skin was more receptive to it in the evening and I woke up glowing and OH-SO-SMOOTH.  Literally.  I couldn’t keep my hands off me! 

Recommended use is twice weekly to daily and I’ve chosen, initially to use twice per week.  I can only anticipate a continued improved complexion and diminished fine lines with persistant use, which I actually look forward to now: Sunday and Thursday night scrubs.  Yay!!!  A non-irritating reason to exfoliate!

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