Tips to Combat the Signs of Aging that Stars Even Fall Victim To

There’s no sugar coating it.  Aging sucks.  Creeping wrinkles and sagging skin, among other things, can make our youthful days come to a sudden halt.  Call it vanity, but for whatever reason, it is nice to know that celebs and regular women alike suffer from same aging problems. 

Dr. Bruce Katz of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in NYC below shares his thoughts on what some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women may be overlooking and how a quick visit to the dermatologist can remedy these problems. 

Madonna’s Hands

“The hands are extremely vulnerable to the signs of aging because of the thinness of the skin in that area,” says Dr. Katz

Madonna’s hands would benefit from Sculptra treatments, an injectable that gradually plumps the hands, removing wrinkles and decreasing the visibility of bulging veins. One of the benefits of this treatment is that it lasts longer than other fillers; in fact, it can last up to two years!

                                  MadonnaMadonna's Hands

Diane Keaton’s Neck

Over time, due to natural aging and weight fluctuation, the skin in the neck wrinkle and sag,” says Dr. Katz.

Other than wearing turtlenecks, Diane Keaton’s neck could be helped by Exilis.  Exilis works by thermally heating tissue quickly and effectively to remove fat and tighten skin.  By the collagen remodeling process, this cost effective approach to body contouring produces measurable results with minimal discomfort and no downtime for the patient.  This treatment usually lasts no longer than twenty minutes and shows immediate results.

                                                     Diane Keaton

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Feet:

Just like the hands, the skin on our feet is very thin. Because of factors such as prolonged standing over time, spider veins in the feet can begin to appear. Sarah Jessica Parker could be even more confident when modeling her Manolos if she opts for an Asclera™ treatment.  Asclera™ is a new FDA approved injection sclerotherapy treatment available to doctors for use on spider veins, both large and small, up to 3mm in diameter.  Once injected, it acts by damaging the cell lining of blood vessel, causing them to close and eventually disappear.  The treatment boasts no downtime and most veins are corrected in 1 -2 treatments.  

                              SJPSJP Feet