The WEN® Experience–Hair Care Unlike any Other

WEN“Sorry doll, I have to wash my hair.”  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on what you might be getting out of), today’s woman hasn’t been able to use that excuse for about 60 years, God bless the 50’s.  Things are changing though, and all for the better.

“Why?,” you might ask, “What’s new in the hair cleansing market?”  Celeb stylist Chaz Dean’s, WEN® Cleansing Conditioner, a drastically different cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner all in one, is what’s new.  And ladies, washing your hair is now an experience unlike any other – say ta-ta to blah hair care.

So what exactly makes the WEN® line different from your typical hair-suds?  For starters, no suds!  That’s right, no lather, which also means no harsh ingredients found in your typical shampoos.  WEN® doesn’t strip your hair and scalp of much needed natural oils and you’re left with sheen locks that are moisturized and manageable also holding color better.

Also different is the way you now go about washing your hair, and while the methodical instructions may seem a bit dubious at first, I promise you won’t think so once you try it.  After thoroughly rinsing hair, dispense the appropriate amount (based on hair type) of Cleansing Conditioner into hands and massage into hair and scalp.  Mmmmm…honestly, the best part of my morning routine is this little scalp massage.  Comb through and leave on 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. 

“The Experience” I described before is exactly that, an experience unlike any hair-washing experience I’ve ever had.  I was fortunate enough to snag a sample of the limited edition WEN® Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner which was the perfect combination of autumn scents, as I’m not a flower and fruit kind of girl…rich and luxurious is more like it!  Hair is left feeling clean, healthy and radiant.  In fact, I’m fairly certain I’m about to be cast as a hair model!

The cleansers, sans sodium laurel sulfate and only made with natural ingredients, are part of the entire Hair and Body Care Line, which includes styling products, nourishing treatments, body care, candles and other essentials.

Gone are the days of thinking shampoo is shampoo regardless of the price.  It’s not, and while I would consider the WEN® line higher end, it’s completely worth saving your pennies!  $32 for 16 oz.  Visit for more info and full product line.