Keep your Hair Gorgeous this Winter with nuNAAT

nuNAATThere are lots of words being tossed around in regards to hair-care lately.  Brazilian.  Keratin.  Formaldehyde.  Wait…formaldehyde?  On my hair?  Yep, if you’ve had a hair straightening or smoothing treatment, chances are it contained formaldehyde. 

We were recently introduced to a whole line of amazing products that are indeed Brazilian, do contain keratin (of the vegetable nature, not animal), and are formaldehyde free!  nuNAAT's at home products allow for both healthy and frizz-free hair at both a price you can afford and locations you already shop (Wal-Greens and for example).

Made in Brazil with a variety of natural ingredients, mostly found in the Amazon, nuNAAT’s products are obtained through ecological processes and sustainable development, helping to both generate income for locals and contributing to the forest’s preservation.

Products in the nuNAAT Brazillian Keratin Collection:

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo: Deep cleansing, non-abrasive and utilizes vegetable keratin, mild surfactants and amino acids.  No sodium chloride and a scent that’s nothing short of amazing.

Deep Conditioner: Tata frizz!  More keratin and amino acids that leave your hair soft and frizz and tangle free.

Keratin Reconstructor: LOVE LOVE LOVE.  For whatever reason, the “liquid” part through me off…I’m used to “cream” everything.  But it’s fast absorbing and should be generously applied to wet hair and then blow-dried and flat ironed, which helps seal cuticles and allows the keratin to fully penetrate the hair fibers.  Feels amazing!

Intense Hair Mask: I’d never used a hair mask and….well…now I’m pretty much addicted.  A weekly mask that after 15 minutes, fills cracks in hair fibers for renewed life and shine.  Gorgeous!

Serum Ultra Shine: You know how normally serum sits on your hair and leaves it heavy and a little greasy looking?  This is not that serum!  100% silicon it creates a protective film on hair to condition strands and promote shine and flexibility.  Super soft hair and during this time of year…it also helps combat static!

The line will retail for between just $5.49 and $6.99.  For more information on nuNAAT visit and like them on Facebook –

**For writing and review purposes, 24-7 Style did receive a sample of the above nuNAAT products.