24-7 Style’s Top 10 Beauty Products of 2011!


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Lucky us…over the course of the year we’ve tried and tested some amazing products, ten of which are worth telling you about (again).  So if you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, or just want to show yourself some love after a year well done, here’s our Top 10.  Unlike Letterman however, these are in no particular order…we adore them all!

1. Dinair Air Brush System: Wow!!!  If you want to feel and look like a million bucks, you will adore Dinair Air Brush System.  While initially a little intimidating (after all, not many of us have had the opportunity to air brush ourselves before), it takes no time to get the hang of and your makeup…well, it’s pretty much flawless.  The other reason it’s on our list?  The makeup lasts for over 24 hours without smearing, running, fading or caking, yet somehow you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.  Kits for as little as $29.95.

2. Light Up Your Lips from Elizabeth Grant (in Natural): Gloss is gloss right?  WRONG!  Complete with LED lights and a mirror for easy application wherever you are, this will quickly become your go-to.  The Natural color is a sheer shade of pinkish-peach that adds luster to a nude lip or over your brightest shade of red.  L-O-V-E love it!  $20.

3. nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask: We all deserve a little pampering, especially during the holidays.  This leaves your hair so soft and so shiny, you’ll swear you left a salon when really, you just stepped out of your shower.  $8.95.

4. Jonathon Hair Products: You know when you’re styling your hair and it just seems to be missing something?  That missing “something” is probably from Jonathon!  Completely vegan, free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and mineral oil – it somehow adds body and texture without weighing your hair down.  Two of my favorites?  Finish Control High Shine Flexible Hairspray and Create Root Volume, which, I’ve started rationing because it was discontinued….tear.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: O to M-G.  This was an impulse buy (for under $3, I didn’t even feel guilty), but I quickly discovered it gave me those perfect I-just-had-a-red-popsicle stained lips that were not only tinted to perfection but moisturized as well.

6. WEN Cleansing Conditioner: I’ve never described washing my hair as an “experience,” until I tried WEN.  Hair washing used to be equated with lots of suds and lather, so consider this a more grown up approach.  No suds or lather (it’s completely natural after all), hair washing will quickly become the time of the day you look forward to the most.  Your hair is left unbelievably silky soft and smelling like a dream.  From $18-$58.

7. Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish: Yep, it is a healthier alternative (completely toxin free) than most likely anything else you’ve brushed on your nails.  Bonus – the colors are gla-morgeous!  If you don’t know what that means, you will once you apply any of the shades.  I’m currently smitten with Deep Red and Noble Navy.  $17.

8. Borghese Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme: I’m a hand lotion addict and tend to float from one brand to the next.  Not anymore!  This is perfect, thick and rich but not sticky.  So good, in fact you’ll need to put it on lock down…mine was actually swiped by a friend who apparently thought it was the epitome of perfection as well…stupid big pockets in cargo pants.  ♪Santa Baby, slip some Borghese under the tree, for me, I’ve been an awful good girl…♪  $30.50

9. Daily Squeeze Hand and Body Lotion from Verve: From hands to body, I literally cut the top off so I could (again, literally) scrape out the last drop.  Soothing and cooling, especially after sun or in the dry winter air, this is nothing short of amazing!  $15.

10. ZO® Skin Health Offects® Exfoliating Polish: You know that layer of gross dry skin we get this time of year?  Ta-ta…these round magnesium crystals exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling smooth as silk.   Thanks to this polish, I now have my Thursday and Sunday night ritual scrubs…ahhhh…so soothing.  $75.