No Bridezillas Allowed–Go Stress-Free with Go-Girl™

Know someone getting married in 2012?  We all know how stressed out brides-to-be get before the big day, so if you’re searching for the perfect gift to help calm the nerves of your buddy/bridezilla, say “I do” to the Bride & Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit from Go-Girl™!  Equipped with everything she (or her bridesmaid’s) might need before they walk down the aisle, this might not be just a life-saver, but a friendship saver as well!

The Bride & Bridesmaid Survival Kit ($55) contains Purse-Hanger, Eye Mask, Hot & Cold Foot Pack (something blue)Tampon, Tissues, Sewing Kit, Toothbrush, Comb, Pain Reliever, Bobby Pin, Safety Pin, Deodorant, Mouthwash, Make-Up Remover Towelette, Vaseline, 4 strips of Chic Apparel Tape, 4 sheets of Lint-on-the-go-Sheets!®, 4 strips of Hem-Help, a pair of Bug'N-Out Nipple Concealers, and a Smudge-Sponge.

Survival Kit