I Whish™ I May, I Whish™ I Might, Relieve this Itch I Feel Tonight!

Whish Sugar ScrubI’ve been blogging for awhile now and there’s one thing I’m fairly certain you’ve never read a review on: body scrubs.  It’s not that I never use them (although it’s rare) or haven’t been given my fair share, they just aren’t a priority for me.  They all feel the same when I use them.   

So here it is, my very first post on a body scrub, which means this particular product is something I really loved or really hated.  Drumroll please……..I L-O-V-E LOVE Three Whishes Sugar Scrub from Whish™.

What’s led me to this infatuation?  My current dilemma, which inevitably happens each winter, is not only dry skin, but - Ca-razy.  Itchy.  Skin.  And not the type of itch that goes away after you’ve scratched it.  It’s the famous “itch-that-can’t-be-scratched.”  Actually it can, it just doesn’t help.  It’s constant and although I’ve slathered on every product in an attempt to combat it, the relief is very temporary – maybe an hour at the most. 

So Saturday when I tried Three Whishes, I wasn’t thinking it was going to help with my dry skin (even though that’s what it says it does…but how many products actually do what they say???).   Would it exfoliate?  Sure.  Did I like the smell (almond)?  Yes.  And that’s as far as I thought this little affair would go. 

Imagine my surprise, when, you may need to sit down, it not only exfoliated and smelled pretty, but it actually moisturized – and left me itch-free the rest of the day.

So what exactly makes Whish different?  Instead of exfoliating and stripping the skin of precious moisture, how does it exfoliate and replenish it?  While I might not know the science behind it all, I think the all natural and organic ingredients it’s made from helps.  Exfoliating with Bamboo Powder, Raspberry Seed, Brown Sugar and Organic Sugar Cane.  Moisturizing with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Aloe and Organic Raspberry Butter.  Renewing with Vitamin E and Organic Avocado Oil.  Not only that, it’s free from from Sulfates, Paraben, Petrochemical, TEA and DEA. 

I’m not exactly sure when “love affair” turns into obsession, but I think I’m on my way.  And in this case, I couldn’t feel better about it!

View or shop the entire fabulous Whish™ line at WhishBody.com and some of your favorite stores, including Nordstrom and Kidston.  Three Whishes Sugar Scrub is available in Almond, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Pomegranate and retails for $38.  Made in the USA!

*A product sample was provided for review purposes, but no worries, opinions are my own!