So Long Salt Stains - Tips to Save your Stilettos!

Kelsi Dagger Suede BootiesIt’s rare you’ll ever hear me compliment winter and it’s crazy weather, but there is one thing I do love about the season.  The clothes!  The boots, the sweaters…a casual snuggly form of dressing I can only get away with during these months.  However, living in the Midwest I know with the cold comes the snow and with the snow, inevitably comes the salt.  Ick.  All over those treasured winter shoes. 

Which leads me to my past weekend activity: ridding my season’s favorite Kelsi Dagger suede booties of the salt-stains they had accumulated during our most recent snow-storm.  Having not found any success in my past ventures, I took to Google for my own little investigation.  The concoction I ended up with was a hodge-podge of borrowed home recipes and exactly what my boots needed:

What you need:

Toothbrush (soft)
Vinegar (ummm, yeah, I don’t measure but I would say a few tablespoons in the bottom of a small plastic container).
Warm Water (mixed with the vinegar) and for rinsing

Wetting my toothbrush in running water I lightly brushed the salt.  Then dipping my brush in the vinegar/water mixture I lightly scrubbed each of the stains.  Finally, again with the clean water I went over each section one last time.  The outcome?  Muy beuno!  Although, after drying I was able to see a few spots I had either missed or needed a second time around. 

Ahhhh, pretty shoes with no need to buy anything special.  Is there anything better?